Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pain pain

Is is very silly. Since my trip to Germany i caught some pain in my back. It might be because of the small space between your bed and the bed of the next guy above. You have little space to change!

Besides that life has been very good to me. I am writing now from Belgium where i am visiting my mom and Jean Michel. The weather is changing for the better finally, we have a lot of sun and very few clouds. Now i must finally repair my bike, there is incentive for it!

Bolivia has been peaceful these days, that is fine because i spend less time reading stuff on the internet :). Our favourite revolutionary comittee has been assessing the happenings of the last weeks. Of course i will share the article with you my dear readers! I also wanted to share some other links with you these days, but i was busy working :). So, the first is a discussion that ensues from a prediction that Bolivia may not last long. Finally there is another fine discussion on Jim Schultz' blog. Pay especial attention to the posts of Andrew. For a long time i felt that Jim was overly simplifying the bolivian situation in his analysis but could not quite articulate it, Andrew does it very well for me.


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