Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Trip to Copacabana

Last weekend i had a really great trip to Copacabana, a small town located on the shore of lake Titicaca. We left on friday with mi brother Andrey and my cousin Pamela.

Llegando a nuestro cuarto

The first night we were there it was really empty. That was surprising because it is quite a touristic town. Never mind, people arrived next day and Copacabana remained crowded the rest of the weekend. We ate a lot those days, a never ending supply of trout and another fish called pejerrey. It took some time to find a suitable hotel room, we were quite picky. Since we were staying only a few days we had a good budget for rooms. However, most rooms we found were dull and unwelcoming. Finally we found one that was good enough you can see it in the picture above. Perhaps we were in backpacker's street and that explains the lack of luxury.

Viaje a Copacabana - 13

Above you see Copacabana from the old Inca observatory just outside the town. And below is a picture we took while sailing away to Isla del sol.

Vista a Copacabana desde el bote
Copacabana has a lot of places to eat out, bars and souvenir stores. As i said above our diet included exclusively fishes, we even dared to eat ceviche at a kiosk in the street. That was my final exam, since i came to Bolivia i avoided risky dishes so i wouldn't spend one week in the toilet. Happily now i can say i have adapted i can get street food and live to tell.

Besides food and a beautiful landscape, Copacabana is a spiritual place. Many pilgrims come to pray to the Virgen de Copacabana, they leave juicy donations that finance the construction and maintenance of a large part of the temple. It is really a beautiful church. My brother managed to convince some people living in a tall building to make this picture for you.

Viaje a Copacabana - 12
Another nice thing to do there is to take a day trip to Isla del Sol. We left the first day very early and arrived to the island at about ten in the morning. We walked the whole island from north to south. The landscape there varies a lot, there are very arid parts, typical of the Altiplano but there are also parts of the island that are suprisingly green. The place below is called the Inca stairs or something like that. There is a fountain that makes this piece of land very fertile.

La escalera del Inca

I would like to show you so many more pictures since i found the place so beautiful. I was lucky that my brother was with me, he is a compulsive photographer so we ended up with a couple of hundred pictures :). You can find a few more samples at flickr (click one of the pictures).

I may write some more later, i am in a bit of a hurry and can't put more here. Anyway, enjoy!


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