Monday, May 23, 2005

Back in Utrecht

So finally i am back in Utrecht. I came back on monday last week, i have been a bit lazy about updating the blog these last weeks. One of the reasons is that i was having too much fun in Bolivia to actually use internet. Not only that, i also worked a bit so it was not one hundred percent holidays.

I am going to miss very much spending time with my family and friends. It turns out that one month was a very short time. I couldn't meet all the people i wanted to meet and also i couldn't eat all the dishes on my wish list! Next time i am going to actually write down that list and i will not come back until i have everything ticked, i should do that for people as well :). One of the dishes i ate the most was Picante de Lengua which is a spicy stew whose main ingredient is cow's tongue, a real treat! Even if i ate it two times, when my grandfather learned i was craving for that dish he arranged a family lunch where tongue was the main guest!

Picante mixto
Later that evening my uncle brought some pictures of my family from twenty years ago. More precisely these were not pictures but slides. That made it very easy for the whole family to see and laugh at the young faces of, now much older, cousins. We had a great time trying to recognize who was who at that time, and some pictures were extremely hilarious. My brother took pictures of many of the slide projections. I will show one where my brother and i are small kids.

My family, a couple of decades ago.

Sigh! It was a great time there. Now i am back for work. To quickly get used to the new time zone i avoided sleeping in the plane. Then i would be sleepy enough to choose the right hour to go to bed. Unfortunately i did some things until late that evening, mainly reading. That happened to me practically every night and i still have trouble waking up at the time i am supposed to. I guess this week i should be getting to my normal levels.

I guess the main activities this week are going to be work, and possibly a visit to the cinema to watch the third episode of star wars. I didn't care very much about the other episodes but i guess that now the marketing campaign got me. By the way, over the last two weeks i watched two bolivian movies that you should definetely see. One is called "El Atraco" and the other "Dependencia Sexual".

To close this post, the picture of my last lunch at Oruro.

Last family lunch.


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