Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Great weekend and tuesday

Yeah! Today i went to the concert of Nigel Kennedy, playing the four seasons of Vivaldi. It is the first time i saw a virtuoso. On top of that he was slightly excentric and a funny show man. All the credit goes to my friend Gar Yein who payed for my ticket as payment of a service. I wouldn't have paid for the ticket myself. But now, having seen it, i would! If you have the chance, go and see him, he is great.

Clara and AndresI mentioned before that for the weekend i travelled to Konstanz to attend the wedding of Clara and Andres. Every detail was carefully arranged from the religious marriage to the reception at the Konzil. It is the first time i go to a german marriage and i was delighted at the participation of the family. Many of them made plays, sang, made special gifts and even made a movie!!

In that weekend we had time to walk around the city and sightsee a bit. Fortunately i was able to borrow a camera to make several dozens of pictures. I saved costs by staying in a youth hostel in Switzerland, the saved money went into the tons of food drinks i had during that weekend. The youth hostel is just within walking distance from Konstanz, it is very easy to get there since there are no border controls! The first day i was alone so it wasn't so much fun to walk around Konstanz. After my colleagues arrived things became more interesting and they could make pictures of me :).

Alexey at the bunny fountain

On sunday i went to Zurich to meet my friend Osmar. This visit didn't produce many pictures which is a pity, i think that the park by the lake in Zurich is my favourite city park ever. It just goes on for kilometers, ideal for a walk and a talk. There are many street performers over there. But by far the most impressive one was this guy who managed to balance stone on top of stone in an unbelievable way!

Osmar at the temple of the mystic stones

More pictures at flickr: here and here.


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