Monday, April 18, 2005

Now in Oruro, Bolivia!!

I am finally writing from Oruro, Bolivia. Unfortunately i cannot show pictures, because my damn camera broke down. I can't believe it! Just the day before i leave to Bolivia. I am now using my old camera and the traditional films. I cannot make as many pictures as before... sight! I will eventually have pictures when i scan them but you will have them.

The trip has been a bit long and i needed some hours of sleep to recover. The jet-lag didn't help either :). I have no altitude sickness(Oruro is at 3706mts over sea level) although i have been leaving at sea level for three years now.

My home town hasn't changed much. The streets look the same and my house too. I would say that the thing that shocked me the most is criminality. The rates of assault have soured in all big cities. I have been told that there are 20 stabbed people daily in my home town. The explanation seems to be the change of the penal procedure code. With the old code you had people in jail with no process started!! The justice was inefficient and you suffered from it. Thus, then new code had this as the main improvement, you couldn't stay in jail without a process or evidence against you. The new code insured that you couldn't be locked in jail for 24 hours without justification. However, after the change, real criminals couldn't be processed. The involved institutions couldn't arrange a process in that time. So you have jailed criminals and released the next day. As a consequence, people is very angry and make demonstrations. There are also many cases of normal people capturing thieves and beating them to death.


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