Friday, June 24, 2005

Bla, sleepy!

I am actually sleepy. Yes but i have to go through my blog post obligation :). No, another day without going out. I am just having the quite time now.

Today there were some talks about Bertrand Russell's paper On Denoting at the university. Much of it involved many notions of philosophy and linguistics that i am not acquainted with. I will have a hard time looking up on the dictionary. There were also important things that i could understand. Maybe the most interesting thing was the attempt of Russell to give a denotation to variables. He failed, from what i could understand, he ran into circularities that probably ended up in contradictions or perhaps plain non-sense. The consequence of it is that he had to take variables as something irreductible. This reminded me of something Achim Jung or maybe Paul Levy mentioned at the courses in Birmingham. That finally variables have been understood and he gave us a reference to a paper written by Marcelo Fiore and Gordon Plotkin. Let's hope i didn't make a mistake and pointed to the wrong one. You can surely tell i don't understand the topic very well :). Well, i am eager to do it.

I skipped the afternoon talks, i thought it better to work. I was to unfocused to do proofs and writing so i improved the layout of some figures of the paper i must submit. Fortunately, i started listening to BBC radio. There really cool things in there! You don't get distracted (much) but you feel the company while you are working. I listened to many programs but eventually some pushed me to check some things on BBC's website and i found an article about foreign aid to Africa. They say... What if the aid is stopped? They mainly claim it is for the better. Less dependency is better, let the country get out of poverty by itself. That and many recomendations, make trade easier, stop encouraging the brain drain (is it my case? :)), etc. Relevant to Bolivia as well since we were among the countries whose debt was forgiven. It turns out to be that this is a series of programs called "what if". There was another article about the legalisation of drugs. Again, this is another issue related to Bolivia. Do you know that half of the jail population in Bolivia is in there because of the 1008 law? (this law punishes a broad range of activities related to drug trade) Would there be less human misery if drugs were legalized? This is not exactly the scenario in the article since cocaine was still outlawed there.

On bolivian news papers there are still articles about the unhappy happenings last weeks. Stuff already discussed by articles i already linked before, coercion for demonstrations, violence, etc. This one discusses about the effect that demonstrations had on parliament people. You see, the parliament decided to abandon La Paz because of the protests and left to Sucre to meet in peace. However, the movements responded quick and they moved to Sucre to effect further pressure. At some moment the police told them that they could not be able to protect parliament any longer. So they were really afraid, some fainted, cried and even had hearth attacks. It seems the pressure was fundamental for the resignation of Vaca Diez and Cossio, now, as you know, Rodriguez is president.

So what's all this politics stuff and philosophy? Can't i blog something nice? Well, these weeks haven't seen anything exciting. Tomorrow i shall be having some barbecue, so i might show you some pictures from it, guys.


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