Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another post about nothing in particular

There used to be a time when I would sit down and write carefully a blog post. That would involve having an idea worth writing about and then read and reread all sorts of sources to make sure that I would not say some rubbish. I still think that it is a valid procedure. So that I can avoid telling too many fantasies. However this imposes a gigantic time cost. And obviously that could easily take hours from some days. At present, as you can see, I am rather inactive to write things on this blog. I even stopped reading many of the blogs I used to read. The explanation is easy, I spend much of my day in front of computers and I happily avoid using them after work. The consequence is that I stopped paying to attention to my blogger activities. Ha, maybe there is a clever way to make this work. I also used to write blog posts on paper but nah! you have to copy them afterwards.

So lately my posts have been somewhat more spontaneous, not because I am trying to change the style. It is a matter of necessity. Today I started to reply to the comments (thanks to the comment authors, it is a pleasure to receive your visit!) and then I decided to write a post. A post about what? Hah! It doesn't matter, just open the blasted window and start writing about whatever. So we arrive at this sad situation, a blog that talks about itself. (grabbing a tissue and wiping away some selfpity tears) Bah it is not that bad. I am just rather verbose when I am not in editing mode, let's just leave that for academic papers and books, shall we?

Well, well. It turns out that my life has changed a bit these last few weeks, there have been more that a few changes in fact but I won't reveal everything in this blog of course. So, I am just going to say that I don't live in Utrecht anymore. I will be away in Cambridge, UK for three months. Maybe I will be sharing impressions about this place, but at the moment I have nothing too insightful to say, except errrr... it is expensive .... errr... people ride lots of bikes like in the Netherlands and.... (scratching head)... oh, well rainy and stuff. Oh, don't hold your breath, I didn't come here as an anthropologist but as a computer scientist. But I will be thinking of something to say. Unless I become lazy and six months have passed before the next post. I would like to say that after being for some years in the Netherlands, going into a bookshop here makes me feel like a child left alone in a candy store. I run from book to book, utterly undecisive about which book to buy. It is just brilliant! I will be buying something when I get paid, for now I am trying to not get bankrupt before the first month is over.

Oh well, time to sleep. Good night kiddies!


Blogger Diana & Cecilia said...

Hi Alexy:

Nice to find you here. I have some Coca Tea available (even listed some on eBay and had it pulled initially so had to be more discreet).

Drop me a line or visit my user ID ddeavila and you will see some listings.



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