Monday, August 14, 2006

The immortalization of everydayness

It's funny how sometimes a trivial evening or day can become memorable. Of course, the requirement is that after it becomes memorable that evening still conserves some element of "everydayness". One very usual device is to use some drinks to boost the sense of humor of the meeting with your friends. This is of course what happened today :).

In any case, while returning from such a nice dinner (plus drinks) I started to listen to some old songs that I haven't payed attention to for a while. Then it struck me. I could articulate one quality that attracts me from (let's call it like this for now) alternative music and films. I say let's call alternative for now because some so-called alternative crusaders would be disgusted of my choices if I would tell them. I pay no heed to them! Let me explain to you what attracts me from these alternative media. In two words: everyday life. Yes, that's what I wrote, no super heroes, or conspiracies or some other weird stuff. It is the immortalization of everyday things that holds a special appeal to me (well, the other stuff too but this one has a grip on me). It could be a movie that follows a person in his/her daily routine, even if it is somewhat boring or uneventful. I especially love awkward conversations. Like when you have the husband or some far away relative entering the kitchen and not being able to exchange one funny sentence of conversation, that is just so great to see! :) Also, songs that sing about everyday, ordinary stuff are great, the descriptions of such situations can make them very special. Oh well, sometimes I wish i had the skills of a songwriter or player to write down my everyday stuff.

I think for next time I should make a listing of everyday stuff movies. I should be sincere, there should be some degree of specialness to make them interesting, only songs can be about monotone stuff and be interesting, movies last for one hour so you better come up with something good! So these everyday movies should have some variation. Not too wild though, just some not too strange characters searching for a way, or even better accidentally changing their routines. Yes, the immortalization of trivialness is pretty cool.

Haha, I think this will be the first post that I will not thoroughly check for spelling or stupid errors. It is easier to write them like this, with several glasses of wine on my head and not caring too much about the readership. Well, actually I care a bit. Please like it! Ha ha. Whatever, see you in the next post (or rant).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are probably the only person I've heard of who really seems to like "everyday movies" as much as I do. Not that I dislike other types, but I get a special enjoyment out of seeing the everyday immortalized, as you said. You might like one of my favorites in this category:
Japanese Story.

Vive Bolivia! Vive Coca!

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