Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Low cost international phone calls

If like me you are living abroad, probably you find yourself spending a lot of money on international phone calls. I would like to give you some tips to save money while having even more minutes to talk to your family and friends. While I am no expert in the subject, I wish someone had given me this tip before, so here it goes!

Sign up to voipbuster and buy ten euros worth of credit for phone calls. You will be able to call for free during 120 days to landlines of many countries in Europe, South America and other parts of the world. Moreover, the calls to many countries are absolutely cheap. I spend one cent a minute to call to landlines in Bolivia. The catch is that you need a computer and a fast internet connection. These last statement is not totally true, I bought a Linksys/Sipura SPA-3000 Analog VoIP Adapter to connect my plain old telephone to my internet connection. I configured the device to use my voipbuster account, so now I can use my telephone just like any other, but with low cost bills. A friend passed me a useful link from a dutch website to set it up. It looks like this now:
Cheap Calls

I hope this tip is useful to improve the contact with your loved ones. There is plenty of info via google, good luck!


Anonymous eduardo said...

Landlines only? Do you find that less and less people in Bolivia have landlines? Generally the wireless service there has quite good and some people can only be reached by cell.

Do you use Skype? Hopefully that will catch on as more people get broadband in Bolivia.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Alexey said...

Hi Eduardo, using this service you can call mobiles in all countries as well. However, I prefer to call to landlines to have _very_ _long_ conversations :). Many people, even if they have a mobile, can be reached via a landline sometime in the week. Also, landlines are more affordable than broadband, isn't it? :)

I used to use skype, but lately I stopped using it. The usefulness of it depends on the amount of your friends that use it too, at the same time; not many in my case.

So I tried out voipbuster which has much lower tariffs for calling phones than skype. Compare the difference of price to call to Bolivia (fixed/mobile) between Skype (10c/14c) and voipbuster (1c/10c).

And the killer proposition to me was
the ease to set up a phone to make calls without using a computer at _all_. I spend many hours per day in front of the computer. Using a phone is refreshing for me ;).

Personal question, do you use skype for most of the conversations with people back in Bolivia?

12:17 AM  
Anonymous dario said...

hi there!

it's a pity that to call mobile in the netherlands it's not cheap at all (29 cents incl.vat)!

bolivian mobiles seem to be among the cheapest!


9:05 AM  
Blogger Alexey said...

Dario, if the other person is in the Netherlands, it is better to have a face-to-face meeting than hours long conversations with the mobile, eh? ;)

4:37 PM  
Blogger Priyanka Arora said...

I would like to say thanks for providing such information about Low cost calls.

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3:36 AM  

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