Sunday, August 06, 2006

Seis de agosto

I am rather sleepy now. But I couldn't let pass the occasion. Indeed, today is August the sixth, it is Bolivia's national holidays, we celebrate independence days with many parades back at home. I celebrated it today in a completely different way but still a pretty cool celebration. I met with a Bolivian friend (amongst others) and had many, many drinks consisting of Rosé and white wine. We chatted a bit about basically everything and we listened to the groups that floated across town. Yes, floated. Today it was one of the many cultural Sundays that are celebrated in Utrecht, the town where I live. There were a couple of groups that I really liked, I wrote down the names to hear them again.

So that was it for my celebration, a decent amount of drinking and lots of fun in conversations. I spoke with my father yesterday and he reminded me of the usual way to celebrate this date back at home. Loads and loads of parades. There must something about it that we like. Maybe it makes life more interesting in a little town like Oruro, or it is just a blind respect for tradition. A tradition that can be annoying when you are standing for hours under the sun. Anyway, I don't mean to rant too much, that is a usual thing when you become old. I wouldn't participate in those parades anymore, more likely I would just spend my time being lazy at home or something else. Pretty much like today actually, Being with friends and drinking one glass of wine too many. Oh well, it was fun at least. In fact, this is the way I am celebrating all these serious holidays from now on. Drinks, friends and a good time. Congrats to all my Bolivian friends and the ones that I don't know too. Now take your time to refill your glasses and sing cheeeeeeers! (and put the "Viva mi patria Bolivia" cueca in the background)

Oh, by the way, I am back. I might be blogging more often now.


Blogger Joup said...

Viva mi patria Bolivia!
una gran nacion, por ella doy mi vida, tambien mi corazon.
porque es cierto, morir antes que esclavos vivir :)

Besos y abrazos de esperanza!!!!

Thanx for all :D
i will come back and read this with a glass of wine :D
beautiful blog =)

Good bless u!

9:04 AM  

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