Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cleaning windows

I try to not be too dirty a guy. I wash my dishes after eating, I wash my mugs, clean the table and counter, I even clean my room. However I haven't cleaned my windows in a long time. Part of the explanation is that there is a passage next to my window so I don't open it very often. So the dirt didn't really bother me. But every now and then I walked past my window and I was astonished to see the quantity of dirt that time had accumulated. So I took a deep breath and on I went with window cleaning. After I was done, and the windows were dry, I used newspaper to make them shine. And I was so satisfied with the result I was smiling. Not everything is that easy to clean, like mistakes, especially big mistakes. However, after cleaning the window, I am encouraged, mistakes may be hard to clean (not erase) but darn, I will try!

Strange blog entry, but I was posting strange things anyway. If you arrived here via google when you were searching coca tea, well, sorry, I didn't set up the store yet. I really should though, zillions of people get here like that.