Monday, January 09, 2006

Food talk

During these holidays in Belgium I got a recipe to prepare a delicious mint tea from a Moroccan restaurant. I rather like it. Sometimes too much. In fact it can cause severe episodes of insomnia if you drink over a liter of it. It was useful while I was still working during the evening. The problem started when I decided to go to bed only to stare at the ceiling. I had to blog a bit to let the sleepiness come back. Not too bad since my other blog's name has something to do with insomnia. Ha!

Have you heard about Picana? It is a traditional Bolivian dish that you eat in Christmas. It is sort of simple, at least simpler than many fancy dishes that people in other countries eat for christmas. I could not avoid thinking about it now that I saw some pictures that my brother sent me. One of those features my two cousins eating a steamy, freshly served picana. I decided not to post this picture because my cousins were not told they were going to be seen by all Internet. You know how women are with pictures :).

Oh, unfortunately I can't find pictures of picana on the web. Not the one that my family does but a rather complicated variant called picana de navidad (christmas picana), a picture here. It does not look as yummy as ours.

Some years ago a Bolivian deputy wrote a newspaper article "Diatriba contra la picana". I was very angry at him. How dared he complain about such a delicious dish? Maybe he complained about the christmas one and not about the one true picana. If I see him once, I should invite him to eat by my aunt Carmen. I bet you a beer that he would convert instantly.

All this talk about food might have made your digestive juices flow, my dear reader. Go get something to eat, you have deserved it. I am waiting to eat the dish that my flatmate cooked today. Tomorrow it is my turn, I am going to kick ass with ratatouille and cous cous.

Off topic, the marketing department of this blog has decided to write a post on food from time to time. Serious studies showed that a large part of the visiting readership get into this blog when looking for food talk.


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