Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bolivian elections in one week

Dario caught me off-guard yesterday when he asked me when were Bolivan elections going to take place. I realized it is going to be pretty soon: next week. The news have not changed much later. Evo Morales is still leading the polls over Tuto Quiroga by some points. No debate between them has taken place, more surprisingly, I found out that most people (at least people online) support the non-debating stance of Evo Morales. I found it in this poll in La Razon. As of now, 54.24% of people consider that Evo should not debate against Tuto Quiroga or Samuel Doria Medina.

Read some articles at Barrio Flores for an insiders look at parties campaigning for elections. Eduardo is following a some party staff to get a good idea on how campaigning for an uninominal candidate works.


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