Friday, December 09, 2005

Blenders, parties, visits and guerilla movies

A blender is a glass container where at the bottom sit small metal knives assembled around an axe. You are supposed to fill it with some sort of nutricious substances, adding some liquid in case the mixture is too dry. Next, you put the glass container with the content on a small box featuring an electric motor inside. As you push a button on the box, a deafening noise clearly suggests that the stuff in the container is being sliced and mixed. My favorite use of this electromechanical device is reducing boiled vegetables to liquid in order to make thick soups. Another favorite is to do the same with fruits and milk, it is great to have milkshakes as breakfast.

Metka's visit - 10

Recently I used this implement to mix cocktails for a party we threw in honor of the birthday of Metka, who came to pay us a visit. The party was, in all honesty, quite a success. Drinks were flowing for the thirsty guests and everybody was in the mood to have fun. This was not the only party in this period. I attended one in the old student building I used to live. It was a very good party with live music. Besides that, you also attend and make dinners for your friends.

Metka's visit - 26

A few weeks ago I went to the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam with friends. From all the films I saw, the one that attracted the most attention was Guerilla Girl. It was actually the world premiere. The Danish director wanted to, as he puts it, turn the cliché of terrorism upside down. They filmed the three months course (yes, you have to follow a course) of a group of young colombians preparing to be active FARC members. The movie showed a rather idyllic view of the life of a guerrillero. I was surprised that the FARC instructors listened to the opinions of the new members, even if their opinions were not positive for the guerilla. The movie gave you the feeling of a boy scout camp with an open atmosphere and relaxed discipline. I have my doubts that this is how things are in reality.


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