Thursday, January 05, 2006

First 2006 post

After periods of febrile blogging activity (such as the elections week) I tend to be rather quiet on my blog. I was even quieter because of holidays as I was not using internet all that much.

For Christmas I went to visit my mother and Jean Michel. Following Belgian tradition we had very good food and very large amounts of it. I did a bit of shopping at FNAC with my mother, I love how many cheap pocket books you can find there. I bought a few for the coming trips. I also had time to visit Belgian friends and practice a bit of Belgian slang and Belgian beer drinking :).

For New Year, we met with Bolivian friends in Ghent. All of them are doing PhDs, just as me, so we talked a lot about funny aspects of research, also also about the not so funny ones. Surprisingly we didn't talk very much about politics. That is rather strange, because if you put two or three Bolivians together they will start talking politics and geopolitics, even if a lot of non-sense comes out. Never mind, we talked more about the future, our future that is. We had the traditional oven-prepared pork in the oven with salads. Unfortunately, we forgot to buy apple puree!

I lied a bit when I said we didn't talk politics, we talked about the elections. All Bolivians at this time are following very closely all things related to elections. This reminds me that there was a radio show hosting Jeffrey Sachs, Miguel Centellas and Jim Shultz. You can access it here, I will try to comment later on it.


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