Sunday, December 18, 2005

Waiting for news

I am currently listening to news of Bolivian elections. You can tune in (if you understand Spanish) connecting to the stream with winamp, iTunes or something else. The elections are over by now, most of the votes should be counted in the next hours.

Update. TV and radio networks have projected the election results using the answers given by interviewed voters at polling stations:
  • ATB gives: MAS (41.2%), PODEMOS (36.3%), UN (12.1%), MNR(6.9%).
  • Usted elige network gives: MAS (44.5%), PODEMOS (34.3%), UN (8.7%), MNR (7.2%)
  • Unitel gives: MAS (45%), PODEMOS (33%), UN (10%), MNR (7%).
I got this numbers from the radio link I just provided above.


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