Sunday, July 10, 2005

Monday already!

I am still up on sunday after a copious dinner. My flatmate invited her colleagues over and she prepared lots of great food. There is so much that we will not have to cook for days.

I did not make as much progress as i expected in my paper. The main reason is that i cannot get around a technical problem. If i can get this completeness proff working, then i will have enough motivation to stay awake for nights until i finish the paper. I will code a bit now, maybe tomorrow my head will be fresh enough to solve it.

Last week, Metka came back from Tanzania and immediately she flew back to Slovenia. She couldn't stop telling about her stories there :). I didn't manage to see her pictures yet (thousands). However she sent me a few nice ones from when she was in Zanzibar. I am happy she had a great time there :), now she is catching time up with her family.


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