Friday, July 22, 2005

I haven't lost my touch with pets

I have been busy with real life lately. Very little internet and a lot of time spent with people that i care very much about. Let's use this little time before entering shopping spree (it's saturday here in Utrecht!) to dump an update.

I am doing cat-sitting for two weeks, one week is already over and that leaves us one week left. It has not been easy because i am very attached to my house (to my houses in general, not the current one in particular). I am a very homey person, well, sometimes.

Anyway, this cat was giving me a little bit of a hard time. But several days passed and we have seen a lot of progress since then. While at the beginning the kitty would barely stand my presence, now it purrs when i am serving food. Maybe this can be attributed to my natural charisma with pets. I have had many throughout my life; i i remember my dogs, cats, lizards, hamsters, oh! It's only that? Anyway, my point is that i liked them and most of the time they liked me too (or they ignored me for the sake of pacifical coexistence).

Another explanation given to me by someone (don't take it too seriously, folks) is that cats have a two bit brain for persons. Consider it as two switches that can be in the on or off position. One switch tells the kitty whether it knows or not this person. The second switch tells whether the person is a source of food or not. I seem to have put both switches in the on position. It does not run away like before and it purrs! I just trained it to associate me with food. Oh well!

I think these last years i suffered a slow transformation. Little by little, i need less and less sleep to feel sufficiently rested. I consideredt this while having my morning shower at half past eight in the morning, even though i came back at half past two last night. I don't feel tired at all and i had little sleep the last days too. From a 10 hour sleeping lizard i have become a 6 hour sleeping lemur. Funnily enough, it was one of my wishes. One of these things that people ask you at parties. If i could wish for a thing, what would it be? My answer was to be able to sleep, say, 2 hours but feel as if i am just waking up from a very productive (rest-wise) 10 hour sleep. That goal is very far away. Let's go slowly to keep sane.


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