Sunday, April 03, 2005

Osmar's visit

That pique was nice!Last week Osmar, a dear bolivian friend of mine, arrived for a visit. We met at Titus Brandma, a fun student building here in Utrecht. This is also how i met most of my closest friends over here. He stayed for a few days and we even managed to cook a very nice bolivian dish: Pique. You may see some of it in the picture, it consists of a lot of fried meat with french fries, paprika, onions and other vegetables. From the left to the right(top to bottom), you have Camilo washing dishes and Dario, Osmar and myself trying to digest the abundant food.

On saturday we had some really nice weather. Many people went to the center and had some drinks at the bars by the old canal. You can see how the center of Utrecht looks in a sunny day.

Utrecht in a sunny day

Update: After resizing the pictures of my blog i decided to include this funny one of Dario and Yuan Ju.

Dario does the philosopher pose at the photographer's request


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