Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A life from El Alto

I accidentally found the website of a Spanish family that moved to El Alto to do on-site development work. I did not see it mentioned before, so spread the word.
This is the story of a family and its project. One day, my brother Claudio and my sister-in-law Merche decided that it was time to start a new life. Their destination: the Bolivian city of El Alto. The goal: they were not sure, but amongst other things share the life of the poorest people in Bolivia, work as much as they could and give to their children a life that they could not get in Spain.

Sure enough, they left all they had in their city, they took their three children and together with four companions they decided to mingle with different people, different cultures and different poverty, the one from Bolivia.

This is the story, written in many emails, of a life from El Alto.
Read more at Una vida desde El Alto. I hope that the text in Spanish will not be a problem for most of you.



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