Monday, January 09, 2006

On coca policy

I want to highlight some fragments about coca policy from this interview to the future vice-president of Bolivia, Alvaro García Linera. García Linera maintains that the government will honour the 1008 law while a market study for the coca leaf proceeds. This law states the amount of coca plantations that must be removed. As soon as the study finishes, the amount of allowed coca plantations will change accordingly.

Note that this is more moderate than what the future president announced. Previously, Morales announced that this law would be ditched and coca plantations would be legal as soon as he would take office. Now, it seems that the status quo will remain until the study is concluded.

I heard proposals for this study but I had no idea that someone was carrying it out. Who is it? When will it conclude?

On a second reading, it seems that the study does not exist. García Linera is proposing it.

There are many more interesting things in this interview. I am emphasizing this part just because it seems to be low on Bolivian blogger radars.



Anonymous eduardo said...

i think this is the study being referenced to:

"LA PAZ, Bolivia - (AP) -- The European Union has agreed to a request from Bolivia's President-elect Evo Morales to help determine how much of the nation's coca production and consumption goes to legal uses, and how much is used to make cocaine.

The EU will contribute the $499,800 to finance the study, but will not participate in its implementation, Angel Gutiérrez, First Secretary of the EU mission here told The Associated Press on Friday.

Morales still has his own coca farm and came to prominence as the leader of a group of coca growers opposed to U.S.-backed coca eradication efforts. He's often called for research on what exactly happens with the coca leaf now grown in 27,000 hectares across the country."

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