Monday, October 31, 2005

500 thousand migrants in Santa Cruz

One fourth of the inhabitants of Santa Cruz were born in some other region of Bolivia. According to this La Razon article, out of the 1.9 million of inhabitants, half a million are migrants. I post this information because a friend asked me if the migration was so massive that the proportion of seats in the parliament has to shift. The answer is yes. Take a look at the graphic below:

The first column, at the left, will show you that the Cochabambinos are the biggest group of "adventurers". The top table above shows you the amount of people that emigrate/immigrate from/to a given region. Not surprisingly (it is common knowledge in Bolivia) Potosi and Oruro top the charts for the regions that lose more population. Oruro was not always the biggest exporter of people, I suppose that the increase has to do with the closure of mine related industries in 1985. On the other hand Potosi is topping the three charts. Take this with a grain of salt, probably a proper analysis takes into account relative and not absolute quantities. I am just too busy to do arithmetics now.

What are the reasons to move to Santa Cruz? More jobs.


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