Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday night and working!

It is not like me to post so often to my blog. Often meaning two posts per week :). I am currently working a little bit. I am just in the right mood for it. I decided earlier today I would sleep early. It didn't happen, it is past two already and the clock is still ticking.

So what have I been up to? Yesterday we celebrated the graduation of a Greek friend. It was a night out in the center, from bar to bar. The main event was staying in a Greek restaurant that becomes a Bouzouki in the evenings (if that is how it is written). Traditional Greek music and drinks. Ladies dancing but the guys sitting (and occasionally dancing too). We were next to the band so you had to put more effort to speak. It reminded me of peñas, places with traditional groups where you can sit, eat, drink and of course dance to the music. I enjoy such activities as long as it is not too crowded. You have to like the music, otherwise you can't enjoy as much as the natives do. So yesterday I realized what might a foreign person feel when they go to a peña for the first time.

Eventually, we (the non-Greek people) left that restaurant for a bar. Thus, resuming the usual course of events for a weekend: some drinks and chat. For some reason all of us got very hungry; when we ordered drinks some sort of snack was ordered as well. I seriously missed a tradition from my home town in Bolivia, Oruro. There, as I go back home, I stop by my casera to have some ranga. The ranga is a thick soup made from cow's stomach. Not any of the stomachs (I believe there are four), you use the one that has the texture of a towel. It is the softest one, sometimes we call it toallita. This yummy soup (that for many readers will sound yucky) is a spicy, thick and tasty concoction. If you happen to be an uninitiated, ask a fellow Orureño to take you to the best rangas in town.

Yesterday my evening ended with a prepackaged Japanese soup. Not bad, but there is nothing like the real thing.


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