Thursday, September 22, 2005

A trip recharges you...

Dubrovnik sel - 051...even if the trip only lasts nine days (a few hours less actually). It is hard not to enjoy Dubrovnik, the old town has (apparently) untouched ramparts and old stone buildings. I say apparently because the old town was shelled during Croatia's struggle for independence. If you see the pictures of the time, most buildings were touched and some completely destroyed, and compare them with modern pictures, you would think that the first never happened.

The restauration of the buildings left Dubrovnik in good shape for visitors. Yet, many scars remain there, but not by accident or lack of time, they're there to remind the visitors of the siege.

Dubrovnik sel - 030

So there i was, walking all over the place and shooting pictures. I had great sea food including some wonderful oysters. I ashamedly have to admit that once i fell into a tourist trap restaurant, one of those where the waiter is talking to every tourist in the street into his menu. Besides that, it was great food and two times i also prepared (under expert supervision) food at home.

Dubrovnik sel - 008

The weather was still warm with plenty of time for swimming and catching some sun.
Almost every day i had to do hiking whether i felt like it or not. You see, the place where we were staying was slightly far from the center and to make things better, on top of a quite steep hill. Walking was much more pleasant in the charming old town and amidst nice nature. One of the islands we visited, Mljet, hosts a national park with a very beautiful nature. After biking for quite sometime in it, we were in a very beautiful rocky beach where we had the chance to see a live octopus!

Dubrovnik sel - 046

All in all, i loved it a great deal and now i feel with a better disposition to work :).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good-looking octopus. And how was the octopus salad?:)

4:20 PM  
Blogger Alexey said...

Such a tasty salad! We happened to be lucky enough to stop by a good place to eat the octupus salad. We were not so lucky for the bouzara mussels though, we ate them at the tourist trap.

11:54 PM  
Anonymous eduardo said...

I heard Croatia is becoming quite the tourist hot-spot. How in/expensive was lodging and food? When I was in Europe earlier this year, the Euro:Dollar exchange rate made me feel spoiled with the favorable exchange rate in Latin America.

7:01 AM  
Blogger Alexey said...

Although I went off season, tourists were still crowding the streets. From what I have heard and read, the number of tourists is increasing as the years go by.

For meals and drinks i did not find it more expensive to what you pay in the Netherlands. A room for two persons costed 32 euros, although in high season it can increase. If one wants to save money there are plenty of opportunities: the rooms have kitchens and camping is also possible.

I found decent prices (and good quality) in restaurants further away from the center, a twenty minute walk away. At the center it can be 15-20 eur instead of the 10 euros you pay if you leave the center.

12:18 PM  

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